Have you ever tried progressive lenses (no line bifocals) only to have them make you literally sick to your stomach? One always inevitable side effect of progressive lenses has been the “swim effect”. The swim effect is a product of progressive lenses which causes images to move around when looking through the peripheral aspects of the lenses. This effect can be quite disorienting and in some cases, nauseating. In many cases, this effect can be overcome with adaptation. Sometimes, however, patients cannot adapt, and a switch to a less desirable lined bifocal option is the only choice.

Enter Essilor’s S Series 4D lenses. This completely new digital design has virtually eliminated the swim effect. The result is a more natural visual experience to progressives. The Essilor S Series lenses are only available through eye care providers with the Visioffice digital system. If you’d like more information, or you would like to check out the system, come by our office. We’d love to show it to you!